Sana Salman (Riffat & Sana) Summer Eid Collection 2018

Sana Salman (Riffat & Sana) Summer Eid Collection 2018 (5)

Sana Salman (Riffat & Sana) Summer Eid Collection 2018

One of favorite women fashion brand has just launched its eid collection. Keeping idea in mind of upcoming ramadan and after that eid festival, you will just love this Sana Salman (Riffat & Sana) Summer Eid Collection 2018. Also this is our first article on lehengaworld by this brand and fashion designers. Below we will provide location and whatsapp number where you can get further details about price and fabric stuff of this Sana Salman (Riffat & Sana) Eid Collection 2018. This season is all about comfort and trendy fashion and this is what you will get from this Perfect Eid Dresses 2018 collection. It is photographed by Stopstyle where Rubab has taken role as model and makeup is done by Samia Rashid.

Sana Salman (Riffat & Sana) Eid Dresses 2018

Sana Salman (Riffat & Sana) is the name of elite class fashion done sophisticated on quality fabric to keep your fashion thoughts in comfort zone. It is highly popular among the elite class ladies and women. Its fashion lovers are not only available in Pakistan but also in other European and foreign countries like United Arab Emirates, Dubai, UK, Canada, Australia, Qatar, USA, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Germany and many more. Sana Salman Eid Collection 2018 is ready to contact a heavy effect on your fashion thoughts and you will forget other names and fashion brands. All of its fashion pieces are done with full of attention and demands from its wearers.

Sana Salman (Riffat & Sana) Eid Collection 2018

Different types of fashion fabric is chosen for Riffat & Sana Eid Collection 2018 with different embroidery techniques. All dresses present in this collection have embroidery done on them. Mostly you will find light colors fabric contrast within this collection because this is hot season and light colors are the best to keep your body in comfort zone with flexibility. Shirts are cut in long and bottom short styles and are paired with trousers, trouser pants, open pajamas and other stuff. Color of dupattas and dresses are same. Power point of Sana Salman (Riffat & Sana) Eid Dresses 2018 is their eye catching embroidery that will make your minds droll. We hope you will like this collection. Images gallery with location and whatsapp number is give below.

Whatsapp: 0317 9717781
Location: 97 A/B Gulberg 2, Lahore

Sana Salman (Riffat & Sana) Summer Eid Collection 2018

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