Qalamkar SS Luxury Lawn Collection 2018

Qalamkar SS Luxury Lawn Collection 2018 (3)

Qalamkar SS Luxury Lawn Collection 2018

A lucky find that we have got you covered with these beautiful blend of hues in form of Qalamkar SS Luxury Lawn Collection 2018 which is now available at stores as well official website. Beyond ordinary understanding, elegance and easy to carry get the perfect looks from this Qalamkar Luxury Lawn Collection 2018. To back in the sun-embody the sensuous dream to conquer the summit of fashion with the sheer sensation of aesthetic number. These Embroidered Lawn Prints looks perfect with fabulous matching. The same happy vibe can be found in the clothes that Qalamkar makes. Designers have paid special attention to things that would normally go unnoticed. In short designers have got detailing covered with the hint of sass and a large scope of colors and embellishments on top.

Qalamkar SS Luxury Embroidered Lawn 2018

Happiness is what one wishes to be! To be the best that you are, each passing day is what she looks for when she wears fabulous prints and goes about on her daily escapades in the streets. While exploring the essence of this Qalamkar Spring Lawn Collection 2018, designers took this signature and redefined it in the Wat Po temple of the reclining of Buddha (Bangkok’s oldest and largest temple complex).  Our knack of celebrating even the smallest joy is what makes this Qalamkar Summer Lawn Collection 2018 synonymous with sophistication and style.

Qalamkar Luxury Lawn Collection 2018

Thai summery wraps you in the warm light glow of lawn that gets its inspiration from various heartwarming earthy materials brought to you by the fabric from Qalamkar Spring/Summer Lawn 2018. We embark upon a special implicit journey of every normal passing day. Our Orphic clothes gets their inspiration from little things that dint matter but makes you stop and contemplate things that make women happy like the sound of rain, the color of fallen leaf, the smell of freshly brewed coffee I what we hope to replicate in this Qalamkar SS Luxury Embroidered Lawn 2018. Hope you love and adore them as much as we did.

Qalamkar SS Luxury Lawn Collection 2018

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