Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes – Picture Tutorial

Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes - Step by Step Picture Tutorial

Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes - Picture Tutorial

Makeup is a not just a little thing in a woman’s life, it is now become a very vital and important factor in her life. Without makeup we (women) don’t event go to shop or to do anything else outdoor. Each and every part of makeup has its own significance and importance like contouring, lipstick, blushing but the main part on which we need to focus and other people definitely notice, is the Eye Makeup. An eye makeup should be very flawless and perfect. Today, we have various types of eye makeup trends to go but the most popular one among them is Smoky Eye Makeup. Therefore we are bringing a Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes – Picture Tutorial for you.

Now days it is very trending and everyone is trying to do a picture perfect smoky eye makeup. In back days, when this smoky eye makeup was started, it was a little difficult to handle. Only professionals had to do it perfectly and only with limited eye shades and colors. But today, you have a lot of choices in shades of eye shadows with which you can create your own smoky eye-look. There is no hard and fast rule for the use of shadows and colors. You can use either matching eye shadows or contrasting color with your dress. This makeup is actually a very adaptable and versatile kind of makeup.

As it was a little bit difficult to do and time taking in the starting days. But now you can do smoky eyes at your home within a few minutes and very brilliantly. In this tutorial we are going to teach you, how to do a Smoky Eye Makeup at your own like a pro with the help of some simple and easy steps like a tutorial. Today we are doing a smoky eye-makeup with simple shades like soft brown with a little bit of black (which is the main shade of course) but you can replace the brown shade with any one of requirement of your dress. Be ready for the Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes that we are going to tell you.

Step no 1:

In the first step, to make your eye prominent, apply a very lighter color of shadow to the brow-bone and on eye-lid starting from inner corner. For lighter or soft shade you can use white or lightly pinkish white etc. if you have small eyes then this technique will help you a lot to show your eye wider.Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Step 1

Step no 2:

For more detailing and to make the eye more open, apple a stroke of light brown shade on crease or you can say upper half-lid excluding the corner and continue merging the shade to the brow-bone. (Mostly darker shades are used for smoky eye makeup which due to which eye looks smaller then routine, to enhancing its opening; we are using lighter shades in start.)Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Step 2

Step no 3:

Now the real thing begins, select the darker shade (like we have chosen brown) and start blending it with the previous lighter shade either with a brush or with your finger to make it look more meld and merged. Now this time apply the shade on the remaining half lid and take it to the outer-corner and carefully take it to your lower-lash a little-bit. This will also help to look your eye more open.Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Step 3Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Step 3 (2)

Step no 4:

After applying shades and blending them, it’s time to use a liner. Use either a pencil for more control and soft look or use gel liner for bold look it is totally up to you. (Select a brown shade of pencil liner, because once again brown will help to make your eye look bigger while black will do the opposite).Apply the pencil into the inner rim of eye and to the top of the lash as you apply and pencil liner in routine. This will also help to fill the gaps in between your lash and lid.Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Step 4

Step no 5:

Last but not least, for the final step which totally depends on you is to enhance the eye-lashes. If your lashes are of great volume then use just a simple black mascara to curl them up or use some extensions to make them look denser and then put mascara on for final finishing touch.Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Step 5

And here you are with your pro Smoky Eye makeup by your-self at home within few minutes. These steps of Best Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes are not very tricky but are supper cool and simple. As told you before you can use any shade of shadow and create your own smoky eye makeup look as you have many options on shadow pallet matching with your outfit. These steps will definitely help you to get a perfect and spotless smoky eye makeup. If you are a beginner, then believe that the following tutorial is very handy and useful for you to get a nice and ideal smoky eye look.

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